The new Manufacturing Solutions

New manufacturing solutions have been designed and implemented by enhancing the Odoo standard system with specific proprietary applications, fully integrated each others, to  support the following business scenarios:

  • Make to Order  

  • Make to Stock 

  • Assembly to Order

  • Supply Chain Management

  • MRO maintenance

Shop Floor Control

The MRP Shop Floor Control module supports the E2E Manufacturing Execution process from the manufacturing order creation to its closure.

Its main features are:

·        workorder scheduling and work center capacity loading

·        capacity evaluation

·        capacity levelling with mid-point Scheduling technique

·        workorder confirmation with partial quantities and actual dates determination

·        WIP quantity determination for each workorder based on its partial confirmations

·        production order closure


MRP Product Costing

The Product Costing module supports the decision-making process in manufacturing execution providing with all necessary manufacturing costing figures.

In detail, we have as follows:

•        Manufacturing costing figures calculated in real time in manufacturing order

•        Accounting postings for WIP evaluation at workorder confirmation

•        Actual direct costs posted in real time at workorder confirmation

•        Variance analysis

•        Manufacturing order settlement


MRP Planning Engine

The MRP Planning Engine module provides a full comprehensive tool for managing Material Requirements Planning process in both production management and supply chain management.

The two basic material planning types have been implemented:

•        Push logic with backwards scheduling and requirements explosion (where BoM is defined); that’s the classical MRP tool

•        Pull logic, that’s Reorder Point procedure with forward scheduling for automatic stock replenishment


The following Demand Management Strategies are supported also:

•        MTS: the sales order is not relevant for planning and the demand is reduced at sales goods issue (sales order delivery)

•        MTO: no independent demand items can be entered

•        Planning production by lots: the sales order and the demand items are planned together; it is important to choose a lot method for grouping the demand; the demand is reduced at sales goods issue (sales order delivery)

•        Planning with final assembly: the demand reduction is at sales order confirmation so overplanning is considered

•        Planning without final assembly: as the “planning with final assembly” for the planning topics; planned orders are created for planning purposes only so they cannot be converted, that means the last stage of production process can be performed with sales order.


MRP Master Production Schedule

The MRP Master Production Schedule application completes the overall planning process in Make-To-Stock scenario, and is fully integrated in the overall Openvalue manufacturing planning and execution solution.

Its final aim is to ensure material availability and to increase planning stability.


MRP Planning Engine MTO

The MRP Planning Engine MTO application completes the overall planning process in Make-To-Order scenario by enhancing the OpenValue MTO solution based in the MRP Planning Engine.

A strong integration with analytic accounting has been implemented for collecting all costs and revenues related to MTO figures achieving thus the MTO sales order margin.

It is fully integrated in the overall Openvalue manufacturing planning and execution solution.


MRP Engineering

The MRP Engineering module purpose is to support the “new product development” process management by implementing the following main features:

·        Engineering BoM for new products in prototyping phase: the engineering BoM is converted in Manufacturing BoM at the closure of the new product development phase

·        Engineering Manufacturing Order for managing prototyping production process


The Engineering Manufacturing Order features have been built starting from the OpenValue Manufacturing Execution solution and integrating it with the Project and Timesheets ones. Therefore, it is possible to achieve as follows:

·        to assign a project as cost object to a manufacturing order (all analytic lines are posted on the analytic account set at project level) and

·        to charge timesheets on tasks linked to workorders for collecting engineering hours in production process


BoM Availability Check

The MRP Availability Check tool aims to check the production feasibility of customer requested quantity based the project stock availability at all BoM’s levels.


MRO Maintenance

The MRO Maintenance supports maintenance processes management with the following maintenance strategies:

•        Corrective

•        Preventive

•        On condition

•        Periodic

•        Maintenance Plan

•        Retrofit


MRP MRO Maintenance Integration

The MRP MRO Integration module aims to integrate the MRO Maintenance features in the OpenValue Manufacturing Solution.

We have as follows:

·        Workcenter can be assigned to an Equipment and activating the periodic maintenance as maintenance policy and collect automatically workorder confirmations as meter measures

·        Maintenance Requests can be raised from the Workcenter master data

·        the maintenance Workcenter status is automatically set based on maintenance orders running

·        Maintenance Request can be raised when Manufacturing Order is running also

·        It is not possible to confirm a workorder whether the related workcenter is “on maintenance” status

·        In case periodic maintenance has been activated at workcenter level, workorder confirmation creates automatically a meter measure



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